The Sinner

This is what we call our Sexy Dinner: Sexy+Dinner=Sinner! And its participants, of course, the sinners.

Now that’s a very interesting idea! Why nobody has ever invited me to it before?!

Anonymous Sinner

Answer our questionnaire to be invited for the next!

Your real name, please. We’ll be totally discreet.
An active email. Don’t worry: we WON’T SELL IT and won’t send you spam.
Your favorite one. One contact mode is enough.
From a friend? From Feeld? From a Google search?
Our events are smoke-free. We’re 420 friendly, but we consume it as tea or candies. We believe smoke doesn’t respect boundaries and people who smoke cigarettes usually have bad smell on skin, hair and hands. We consider it unhealthy for a free sex environment, so our invitees are non-cigarette-smokers. Our event is private, so if you disagree, you are NOT welcome.
Prejudice Free means you don’t frown upon or treat people badly based on their color, religion, body shape, gender, origin, etc. Our events are diverse, with beautiful people of different ages, ethnic groups, body shapes and sexual orientation. Do you have problem with any of that? IN CASE YOU DO, OUR PARTIES IS NOT FOR YOU.
You don’t need to pretend to be a couple. Our parties are open to singles as well. We have some specific events to married people who play freely, and some others where singles can play too. We’ll let you know which kind is next! In case you are a couple, please, share the link with your partner so that she/he can fill it un too, and inform us who your spouse/pair/partner is.
Keep in mind that our event is sexually free. so we give preference to people who have no significant limitations regarding sexual contact, although CONSENT IS A MUST for everything done in our events. In case you are straight, we need you to AT LEAST be comfortable with the touch of a same-gender person or nor feeling disgusted when imagining it.
Tell us a bit about your sexual preferences and experiences.
Tell us anything interesting about you, what you like doing, what turns you off, what turns you on, etc. Let us know you better.
Our last comment for you is that in case we like your profile, we’ll contact you to ask for natural/non-filtered face and body photographs. So if you don’t have anything else to tell us, at least write “I agree to send you pics” in this box, so that we know you have read it all. See you soon, Sinners!


6 responses to “The Sinner”

  1. Maya Ofir Avatar
    Maya Ofir

    I didn’t finish the form, but ask me for more details if you want. And I can send you my pictures 🙂

    1. Mrs. Lovecraft Avatar

      Hey, Maya! You can send us your picture to


      Mrs. Lovecraft

  2. Omri Avatar

    You send me an email address via feeds and then removed the account
    I didn’t copy the address
    Please send me an email

    1. Mrs. Lovecraft Avatar

      Hi, Omri!

      Actually, yesterday Feeld blocked our account, and then informed us we cannot promote an event through the app.

      But no problem, because we are already more than 50 people, so now we’ll just organize the meeting groups.

      You can send your picture to

      Kisses, Mrs. Lovecraft

  3. Osh Avatar

    Can’t see any confirmation that my email was received

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